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Equine Products LTD Cool IT Paste Syringe


Cool It Paste is a complementary feedingstuff for horses containing L-Trytophan, Magnesium, Vitamin B1 and the Probiotic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

Daily Feeding instructions

Feed 30g per day.(one whole syringe)

Feed 1-3 hours before required/event.


Canola Oil, Magnesium Oxide in chelated form, Natural Fruit Flavour (Banana)

Additives (per 30g)

L-Trytophan 1,200mg
Vitamin B1 60mg

Digestibility Enhancer

4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 1 X 1010 CFU, (NCYC SC 47)

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 5.08%
Crude oil 54.3%
Crude Fibre 0.2%
Crude Ash 24.5%
Sodium 0.165%
Magnesium 8.6%

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