Masta Pack-a-way Ride on Rain Sheet Rug

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Masta Pack-a-way Ride on Rain Sheet Protecting & Caring Rug

Ideal for use at shows, hacking out or working. Our showerproof and breathable rain sheet gives great protection from the elements!

Versatile - Stirrup holes make it ideal for use at shows, hacking out or working in.

Easy to use - Packs down small into a handy drawstring bag making it easy to store and carry with you.

Ultimate protection - Showerproof and breathable rain sheet with full neck coverage.

Looking after your Masta pack a way rain sheet

lightly brush off any excess dirt. always allow to fully dry naturally before storing. avoid over washine and was at cool tempoeratures to maintain waterproofness where applicable. do not dry clean, bleach or iron.

Our wide range of horse rugs and accesories has been designed with over 30 years of expereince with over 30 years of experience to create a comprehensive collection of products that perform last and fit well. the masta principle of protecting and caring runs through everything we do. we have and always will ne horse owners designing and [prducing porducts we would want to use ourselves, to keep our horses safe, healthy and comfortable.

Masta Pack-a-way Rain Sheet Protecting & Caring