Nikwax Rug Proof

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Nikwax Rug Proof

Boosts and re-awakens your horse rug's weatherproofing.

  • Re-enhances waterproofing, breathability and insulation
  • Hand or machine wash in
  • Dries naturally
  • Great for horse rugs
  • Spend less by retreating

Re-enhance the lost breathability and waterproofing of your rugs with Nikwax Rug reproofer.

Treat without a trick, as the Nikwax will reproof a whole rug without damage to it's looks orthe insulation within.

Use by hand for best results, and simply let it dry out in the open air for best results.

Each Nikwax solution is Water based and is fluorocarbon-free, for a 'greener' way to protect and enhance your gear.


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