Stud Muffins Celebration Cake

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Stud Muffins Celebration Cake

The Stud Muffins Celebration Cake is perfect for sharing with your horsey friend on special occasions or just because. Made from the same tasty formulation as regular Stud Muffins and pre-cut for convenience into 8 slices. Each cake is wrapped in special grease proof paper and presented in a smart gift box.

Stud Muffins Celebration Cake perfect for sharing!

The ideal way to mark a special moment or event, this attractively packaged Stud Muffins Celebration Cake comes wrapped in printed greaseproof paper and in an eye catching gift box. Pre-sliced into 8 pieces, it's perfect for sharing with all your horsey friends.

All you need to do now is decide how to decorate! How about some carrot candles, peppermint decorations or even write a message in icing, the options are endless...

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